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The Perfect Pair: Perfect Planting Mix & Coco Biochar

The Perfect Pair: Perfect Planting Mix & Coco Biochar

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Introducing the perfect pairing for plant lovers: Planted Planet's Perfect Planting Mix and Planted Planet Coco Biochar.

Our Perfect Planting Mix, with its ideal blend of 60% Conibo Coconut Coir and 40% Premium Perlite, is designed to provide the perfect balance of aeration and moisture for your plants. Enriched with the nutrients of Moringa, Green Aminos, Yucca, and Silica, it's tailored for the thriving life of indoor, outdoor, and houseplants.

Complement this with our Coco Biochar, a unique soil conditioner that enhances soil fertility and water retention. Infused with the same nutrient-rich Moringa and coconut sap vinegar, the biochar works alongside your planting mix to ensure your plants are supported with a slow and steady release of essential nutrients.

Together, these two form an unbeatable team that will bring out the best in your garden. Start with our Perfect Planting Mix for planting, then mix the Coco Biochar into the soil to supercharge growth and health. It's the ideal duo for flourishing, vibrant plants.

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