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Planted Planet

Perfect Planting Mix 2 Pack

Perfect Planting Mix 2 Pack

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Your plants deserve the best! Planted Planet’s Perfect Planting Mix is a carefully crafted blend of 60% Conibo Coconut Coir and 40% Premium Perlite, enriched with nature’s gifts of Moringa, Green Aminos, Yucca, and Silica. This harmonious mix perfectly suits the diverse needs of all your beloved growing endeavors: indoor, outdoor, and houseplants.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent Drainage & Aeration: Conibo Coco Coir + Premium Perlite provides optimal drainage and aeration, promoting healthy roots with access to more oxygen.

  • High Moisture Retention & More Sustainable: Most coco coir products only utilize the coconut's pith. We process our own coconuts, which ensures a more sustainable product that embodies the fibrous material and the pith, creating a unique, natural absorbency that retains moisture over time, resulting in less water usage (and root rot!).

  • Nutrient Boost: Moringa, Green Aminos, Yucca, and Silica deliver essential nutrients and minerals to support your plant’s health and ability to thrive.

Directions for Use:

  • Choose Your Pot: Choose a container with drainage holes that is the same size or one size larger than your plant’s current pot.

  • Fill Your Pot: Scoop Planted Planet’s Perfect Planting Mix into your new pot, filling it to about 1/3 full. Gently tap to settle.

  • Plant Your Plant: Take your plant, gently remove any old soil, and carefully untangle roots. Center your plant in the new pot, giving the root ball ample space. Pour Planted Planet’s Perfect Planting Mix around the plant until the root ball is covered and the plant stands firm, leaving 1 inch from the soil surface to the pot rim. Tap the pot gently to distribute the soil evenly around the roots. Water the plant slowly to moisten the roots deeply. Stop watering when excess water exits the drainage holes.

  • Set in the Perfect Spot: Place your plant where it will get the appropriate amount of sunlight it needs.

  • Care and Enjoy: Water as needed, noting Planted Planet’s Perfect Planting Mix may require less water over time.

Ingredients: 60% Conibio Coconut Husk (Coconut Fiber and Pith), 40% Premium Perlite, Moringa, Green Aminos, Yucca, and Silica. No artificial buffers, chemicals, or preservatives.

Storage and Handling: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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